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Porter 6.2% ABV

Craft brewed on the NSW coast - this robust porter packs a smooth punch. The scent of roasted coffee rises from this motley blend of the finest Aussie, German and British malted barley and classic English hops. Dark as a winter storm rolling in - but a heck of a lot friendlier.

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India Pale Ale 6.8% ABV

One for all the hop heads out there. The IPA’s of Americas West Coast are as hoppy as they come. This painstaking homage to the India Pale Ale tradition throws out citrus, spice and a hint of pine forest, before heading home with a long bitter finish.

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American Pale Ale 4.8% ABV

Flows as easy as the perfect cutback on a clean Cali barrel. Lovingly brewed in the classic USA style. Aussie malted barley and American Cascade hops combine in this well-balanced, refreshing ale with a citrusy kick and strong malty backbone.

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Pilsner 4.8% ABV

A dead-set local beer with a bit of Euro pizzazz. Brewed with a complex German malt and Czech Saaz hops, this Bohemian-style Pilsner is as golden as the late arvo sun and loaded with sexy aromas. Crisp and cool in the mouth, the long finish adds a welcome bitterness.

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Kolsch 4.7% ABV

Salty hair and sandy toes. Plus some beer. A crisp ale brewed in the true Kolsch style, with traditional German Ale yeast, hops and malt. But otherwise, the vies are as Aussie as whipping out the budgie smugglers every hot weekend morning. Hints of summer stone fruit and a light citrus touch round out this epic refresher.

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Mid Strength 3.5% ABV

With its invitingly laid-back golden hue and low flying ABV, the Easy Bastard is an easy-going beer for the days you’re keen to put back a few. It packs a beautiful hop aroma of stone fruit, passionfruit and citrus, guaranteeing to refresh your palette. Unlike its bitter brother the Fastidious Bastard, Easy’s a big softy with a smooth mouthfeel that leaves your taste buds hungering for more.

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